Thursday, 16 September 2010

Returning to normal.

Well we've now been in the new house for 3 weeks, there's still some more boxes to unpack, but I'm just about finished. I'm really glad were settled in really quickly.

I've finished some stitching for an exchange. I'd packed it safely away for the move but when it came to finding it I couldn't. I did finally find it thankfully and was able to post it albeit a little bit late. I'm just waiting to confirm that my partner has received my parcel and then I'll be able tell you what I made.

With all the talk of Autumn I went looking through my pile of stash and dug out 'Autumn Arbour' by Drawn Thread. I had actually started this a few months ago but put it to one side as my stitching mojo had disappeared, I'm glad to say though I'm really enjoying stitching it and it shouldn't be too long before I'm finished.

I've also joined Becky's Pumpkin Challenge 2010, so this piece will count. The idea is to stitch things that have pumpkins in them. So far I plan on doing Just Nan's "Autumn Humbug", LHN "October" and a Lizzie Kate piece, but I've yet to decide which one.

On a last but lovely note I received a thread holder from Lynn as part of Exchanging with BeckySC. I just love the little bunny!


I'm off now to go and do some ironing and then pick the eldest up from school. Until next time take care.