Saturday, 20 August 2011

Plea for help!!!

I was hoping that somebody might be able to help me. I'm wanting to stitch Prairie Schooler #132 'Autumn Leaves'. This chart is OOP and I have tried to no avail to buy one from the bay of evil for a reasonable price. Does anyone have this that they would be willing to let me borrow? I promise to take extremely good care of it, stitch it quickly, return it in the same condition it arrived and to cover the cost of postage etc. PLEASE (insert puppy dog eyes)!
I hope everyone has a nice weekend, I hope to post next week what I've been stitching on.

Take care,  Melanie.

Monday, 15 August 2011

PIF's and Exchanges

Warning - picture heavy

I'm finally getting round to showing you pictures of the lovely PIF's and exchanges that I have received lately.

First off is a PIF that I received from Carol. I can't believe that I didn't post a picture before, I thought I had but when I've come to write this post I discovered that I hadn't. So Carol I hope you accept my humble apologies ( I did thank Carol by e-mail and on the blog). It's a lovely and beautifully finished Just Nan piece, it has pride of place in my room and I always stop and look as I pass by.

The next PIF that I received was from Sally. Sally was kind enough to add me on to her list of 6 PIF's as I had wrote a comment that I would love to take part but before I could post it I had to answer the front door. It's a small and perfect pincushion with my initial stitched on from a BBD.

I took part in a BBD exchange that Michelle organised. My partner was Kate and she sent me a beautiful mattress pincushion from the Honeysuckle Manor book, stitched in a gorgeous purple silk.

And last but not least I joined Stitched With Love Exchanges, it was a Tea Party/Picnic themed exchange. Heather made me a cute pillow with a Lizzie Kate design on it, it's really fun and bright.

I wish to thank everyone again that sent me such wonderful gifts that you had obviously put a lot of time and attention into.  I'll post what I sent out later on as there is already a lot of pics in this, I also have been doing some of my own stitching and have a small finish to show.
Well I'm off to bed now as it's gone 11 and no doubt the children will be up bright and early. Take care and goodnight.