Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Illness and stuff.

Well it's been an eventful couple of weeks, I haven't been online much and there's not a lot of sewing to show either. The reason for this - "swine" flu. My daughter came down with it first the Thursday before I was due to go to the show, so I wasn't able to go in the end which made me quite diappointed. Over the course of the next few days we all came down with it, although my daughter and my youngest son were really poorly, I had the doctor out to see them twice! I'm glad to say that were all making a good recovery now.

I did manage to finish something even though Mr Frog paid a couple of visits.
It's the first part of  "Spring Social" by Country Cottage Needleworks. It's going to be really pretty when it's finished, just need to be patient waiting for the next part.

                                                                 "Birdhouse Garden"
                                                                Part 1 - Spring Social
                                                          Country Cottage Needleworks
                                                          Fabric - 32ct Lambswool Linen
                                                                  Threads - Belle Sole

I must also say a thank you to those who have left me lovely comments and have also decided to follow my ramblings, I really appreciate it.


  1. A very pretty design you stitched. The other parts are lovely too I saw; I can imagine it is hard to wait.
    Good to hear you all are recovering well from the flu.

  2. Oh my ... that looks beautifull. I love the colors !!

  3. Very pretty. It's off to a wonderful start.

  4. That is beautiful. The colours are so soft and delicate.

  5. I am glad that you all are feeling better. My daughter had it in October, so I know what you have gone through. Great start on Spring Social!!

  6. It's very pretty!!!! Great stitching!!

  7. Hope you are all well and are having a lovely holiday season.

    Welcome to the Totally Useless SAL for 2010. I'm making up the new member list, could you please leave a comment on my blog and give us a little closer geographic location than the entire UK, pretty please.