Sunday, 17 January 2010


Since I'm still new to blogging I only just discovered the TU SAL at the end of last year. I loved looking at all of the different containers people had used and what they had put in them. I signed up for this years
TU SAL and started my jar on January 1st 2010.
This is my progress as of the 16th January, so far it contains NPI silks, Cresent Colours and DMC threads.

I've also joined the LHN Travelling Stitcher SAL, it started on the 2nd January but due to different things I was only able to make a start on mine last night, this is my progress so far- not really that much to see.

I hope everyone is well and is enjoying their weekend.


  1. Nice start on Travelling Stitcher. I can make out a dress and a fence. And if I can make out something that means there's plenty of progress!

  2. The floss looks lonely but just thing that in a couple of months it will be overflowing. You have made a great start on Travelling Stitcher.

  3. You need to add a lot more thread to that jar girl! LOL!

    I love this pattern and have it in my to-do pile :o) I can't wait to see more of it stitched.

  4. I am new to blogging too. Welcome to the bloggy road!!!

    This TUSAL is fun. It is amazing how much bits and pieces build up.

    Have a blessed day.